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Anchor Test Requirements for various depths per anchor distance

OSAS_Charts-03This section is important because anchor loading can be affected by not only anchor spacing but also the depth of the well. The chart below which is the same chart that is on the back of Oilfield Safety Anchor Service Inc. business cards, list the calculated anchor loading based on distance from well to anchor and the well depth. The loads listed are based on a 96 foot mast, 120 degree maximum angle between adjacent anchors, Maximum wind load of 15# per square foot ( 70 mph ), 2 7/8” tubing racked back at 20 stands per row with 7/8” and 3/4” rods standing back as well, and Adequate foundation support and adequate crown to carrier internal load lines.

“Z” distance ( Load Side ) should not be less than 60’ from wellhead when anticipated hook load will exceed 50 percent of the maximum allowable hook load.