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“It’s a tool I use all of the time prior to updatingthe rig schedule. It is nice because it is simple to use and helps with job planning.”
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Welcome to Oilfield Safety Anchor Service,
your complete anchor service.

Our Services include Rig anchoring, Pipe line support Anchoring, Bollard Pipe installation Foundation Anchoring, Tie-back Anchoring, Communication tower anchoring, and hole boring.

Oilfield Division:

Guy line anchors are one of the most over looked safety hazards in the oil industry today. There are guy line anchors still in use today that were installed as far back as 50+ years ago. Most of the older types were made out of Sucker Rod, or rolled steel that were not properly galvanized to protect against Corrosion and do not meet current OSHA Safety Standards.

What we offer in solving all Guy Line Hazards is a complete anchor services. At each location, we will locate all anchors and test each anchor to a desired pull test. The pull test will be done with a certified testing unit. Each pull will be recorded on a chart recorder which will be turned into your well file. After testing, we will mark the location of the anchor and paint a marker. An anchor schematic will be posted on our web site with distances from anchor to well and test information. A monthly update will be emailed to individuals in charge of well work to insure they stay informed on wells with anchors that may be due for testing.

The next time you have the need for a pulling unit to rig up on this location, you will not have to worry about the anchors. They will be easy to locate, cutting down on standby or down time for the pulling unit. In addition, you will have no safety hazard concerns about the quality of the anchors.

Pipeline Support Anchoring: This system can be used to Tie down High Pressure pipelines, Tie-down (Frac) Bleed off Pipelines and can also be used to achieve Instant Pipeline support which replaces the expensive systems currently used in most oilfields field. The system is adjustable to the terrain and requires no advance site preparation, No Concrete required, Support anchors can be installed and pipelines set immediately. Salvageable supports that can be removed and relocated and reused. This all adds up to substantial cost savings.

Construction Division:

Our Construction Division includes Foundation Support Anchoring, Tower Anchoring, and Hole Boring

Foundation Support Anchoring

Using Chance Galvanized Steel Foundations. They are “Instant” because they can be installed so readily, conveniently compared to concrete- poured or pre-cast foundations. Chance galvanized steel foundations offer a cost savings, versatile alternative to cast in place or pre-cast concrete foundations. They have been precisely engineered and field tested. Foundation systems include Pad Support, Substation Column Support, Streetlight Foundations.

Advantages: Lower installation costs, One trip convenience – No excavation required, no concrete required, Instant foundation and immediately set the equipment, Salvageable foundation for relocation and reuse.

Tower Anchoring

Installation of Helical ground anchors to support communication towers.

Advantages: Anchors can be tested at installation. Anchors can be removed and reused at a different site.

Bollard Pole Installation

A bollard pole is a post designed to identify or segment a location or object from vehicles and pedestrians and can offer significant impact protection where security is required.

Hole Boring

Telephone Pole installation, Sign installation, Unit is equipped with dump trailer to haul off extra soil. Capable of holes up to 48” in diameter – 10 feet deep.

If you have any questions about our complete anchor installation and testing services please call our office at (661) 323- 4669