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Anchor Facts

The Installation of ground anchors to support both portable and permanent Structures has been around for over 100 years. The Earliest anchors were made of trees that were cut down and cut into (Logs )sections. Each section would be drilled in the middle and have an eye bolt placed through the tree log. A “Grave Diggers” hole would then be dug and the log placed in the hole. the hole would be filled with dirt.

Over the years anchoring methods changed as Several different types of anchors were invented and improved on, and methods of installing anchors were enhanced. The supply companies started building and distributing most of these types of anchors including the Rig crew installed Screw anchors for which you will read about in the next section.

Pull testing Ground anchors was basically unheard of until 1980’s. What prompted this movement was a large amount of anchor failures which in turn caused rig failures, Anchors installed in area’s unsuitable for the type of anchor. During the decades from the 40’s into the 90’s, Lack of proper anchoring was the cause of several rigs falling over every year throughout the United States. Vigilant anchor testing has curbed the number rigs lost substantially.