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About Us

Bill and Vicki Wright Acquired Oilfield Anchor Service in Bakersfield, California on April 1, 2001 and Incorporated the company as Oilfield Safety Anchor Service Inc.

In 2005 Oilfield Safety Anchor Service Inc. acquired Permanent Deadman Company in Bakersfield California. Part of the acquisition included Highway Diggers. The Highway diggers were used for hole boring which included Boring holes for light Standards for local High Schools, Storage Facilities, and Tilt Meter Holes to measure Ground Movement in the Oil Industry. The equipment has been parked for the last 3 years due to the California Air Resources Board rules and lack of hole boring jobs.

Still our current Anchor Installation Trucks are capable of drilling up to a 48” diameter hole to 11 feet.

We have and will continue to travel the state of California and neighboring states such as Nevada to Stabilize Rigs and Communication Towers. We can Travel anywhere we are needed.

Since 2001, Oilfield Safety Anchor Service Inc. has been educating the oil and gas industry on proper rig stabilization. Although the industry as a whole in California is not totally Compliant, we feel as though we have made great strides and look forward to continuing to educate the industry in the years to come.


“It is our job to do our part to help insure that the well pullers on the rigs in California can safely go home each night to their families.”